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"Jamiel is a bold leader who keeps people and their well-being at the centre - this is what drives him with business innovation, creativity, and artistic expression. The result is he has touched lives and will continue to do so."

Ian Houston

Ian Houston GlobalScot

President Scottish Business Network Americas

"Laurence is a dancer (former soloist with Scottish Ballet), choreographer and filmmaker and although he could be nominated in either of the latter categories, he is listed in my “Rising Stars” for his entrepreneurial credentials, having launched BALLET NIGHTS in October.  Not only did Laurence and his team put together an excellent mix of classical music and dance (both classical and contemporary) in a remarkably modern format but he also introduced a new London venue with the massive stage of the Lantern Studio Theatre in London Docklands.  Let’s hope it is the first of many such events."
Graham Watts,

"Jamiel's work uniquely and brilliantly blends filmmaking and dance. It's what we point to when we say, 'this is what mobile filmmaking can achieve.'"
Shawn Connelly, Chief Branding Officer, Moondog Labs

"I have known Jamiel Laurence for a few years now as he came to my attention while I was Artist Director of Rambert (2002-2018). Jamiel has so many natural talents together with a lovely easy way with people. Everyone in the cast is treated with the same respect and attitude as he desires to see each artist to excel. Jamiel is also natural coach he instinctively choreographs to each dancers best abilities. He does so with a mixture of seriousness and good humour which is so important in future leaders of our dance sector."

Mark Baldwin OBE

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