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Press & Awards

BALLET NIGHTS - Programme 001
29th & 30th September

“What A Treat" - The Stage


“Ravishing” - Bachtrack 

"More Please" - The Arts Desk


“The audience is seriously close-up” - Seeing Dance


“Full marks for this eclectic and thoroughly enjoyable night out." - London Theatre1

"Jamiel Devernay-Laurence puts London E14 on the dance map." - Seen and Heard International

"How The Ignition Platform hopes to set Lanterns Studio Theatre alight"

“The first level of that is what audiences will see on March 4. Our budget might be minimal, but what matters is that the dancing will be anything but!"

"ignition has occured"

“Its a mission that deserves encouragement and attention...

a demonstration of strength and endurance as much as strength and poise."

"The Nutcracker" at Cardiff Castle
Spiegeltent Festival 2022

"Jamiel’s passion for Welsh dance shines throughout this production and I think that it was clear from the audience’s reaction that they felt it too." South Wales Life

".... I found the whole show captivating." Arts Scene in Wales

"For anyone unused to dance, this is a perfect introduction to the ability to story tell without words." Thoughtful Theatre

I hope this isn’t the last we see or hear of this wondrous presentation. It was certainly an early Christmas treat and refreshingly different from the usual theatrical offerings..." Entertainment South Wales

"... quirky, humorous, and engaging performance and a creative risk that has paid off." Cardiff Mummy

"... an entrancing echo of the traditional ballet.." Cardiff Journalism

"... stunning snowflakes choreography: dynamic, expressive, and immersive..." Buzz Magazine

South Wales Life
"Meet The Creative Director

"The reviews for this show ... have been fantastic but your version steps away from the traditional productions we’ve seen over the years. How does yours differ?"

The Dancing Times

"Jamiel Laurence is inspired by the blossoming dance scene in Wales" - Talking Points Column, The Dancing Times August 2022

"The Nutcracker"
The Riverfront Theatre 2021

"This is a Nutcracker that grabs attention with it's fun, playful, and dramatic reimagining, it is dance storytelling at it's best" - Arts Scene Cymru

"Letters from London by Graham Watts! Six of the Best in London’s Dance Performances of 2021"
"... Laurence is a dancer (former soloist with Scottish Ballet), choreographer and filmmaker and although he could be nominated in either of the latter categories, he is listed in my “Rising Stars” for his entrepreneurial credentials..." Full Article

'"Ballet at its absolute best' coming to Canary Wharf this weekend" - East London Advertiser

"...On what motivated his decision to stage Ballet Nights in the Docklands area, Laurence describes feeling 'a lot of frustration with the status quo.' That, together with a 'lack of curated performance opportunities in the area, especially for undiscovered creatives', proved motivation enough.

.." Full Article

Quarterly Winner Q2 2021
"From all submissions received from May-July 2021, Jamiel's work was selected as our QUARTERLY WINNER OF £500, by our panel of expert judges: artist, Kevin Harman; managing director of Acting Up, Emma Currie; musician, Ingleby Gallery, Amy Murray; and Alex Renton, writer and journalist."


"Best Performances"
Experimental Film Festival 2021 - Wildsound Toronto & L.A.
Receiving the award for Best Performances, several screenings took place and these including for the FEEDBACK FESTIVAL, with the resulting video available here:- FEEDBACK FESTIVAL

"Best Video Music Film, 7th Edition"
Super 9 Mobile Film Festival 2021
For the second year Running, Jamiel Laurence´s film TO THE SEA won Best Music Video at the 7th edition of Super 9 Mobile Film Festival, Portugal.

"#FundFreelanceDance: the crowdfunding scheme getting dancers back on their feet"

The Stage, Features - April 26th 2021 

During the pandemic, dance freelancers have been among the groups worst affected. The founder of an initiative designed to keep them employed speaks to Rachel Elderkin about creating a new way of working and the importance of collaboration


UK Jury Finalist Selection 2021 Special Mention

Jamiel Laurence´s film won the award for the best video clip of the 6th edition of Super 9. As a result, they were with € 1500 sponsored by Ventura & Partners

"Virtual Celtic Connections was ‘huge success"
Aberdeen Evening Express

"Music and dance returns to Glasgow's iconic Hydro arena for the first time since closure for Celtic Connections farewell" - The Scotsman

Celtic Connections Festival 2021 Farewell Concert - First performance at Glasgow's SSE Hydro since March 2020 


"Mobile Movie of the Week" - Review

"Many of our recent featured movies relate to COVID. These works document the pandemic and demonstrate that a crisis can spark creativity. We expect to showcase more such films in the weeks ahead. But we’re ready for something completely different. If you are, take a look at Jamiel Laurence’s exuberant dance film TO THE SEA.” 


Full Article

CAPITOL Dance & Cinema Festival 2020 - Selection & Screening

COLLECTIVE STASIS has been selected by the Capitol Dance & Cinema Festival, Washington D.C. taking place 9th -12th October 2020; And will be one of 4 films screened online as part of their new "QAURANDANCE" programme.


Graham Watts - Review

"A new dance film for Day 249 of my #2020DanceChallenge with the digital film (we used to call them “pop videos”) for Adam Hender’s Sick with choreography by Jamiel Laurence and featuring two great dancers, Cira Robinson and Mthuthlezi November. The circular set segmented into scenes with the camera track surround was cleverly constructed, complete with retro furnishings and radios - it reminded me of Jasmin Vardimon’s set for Justitia.

Robinson and November are a strong and expressive partnership, Laurence’s choreography flows seamlessly through the “scenes”, capturing the passionate, troubled affair.... and the song is good!"


"The new music video for Adam Hender‘s single “SICK” for his debut album features amazing Cira Robinson and Mthuthuzeli November and choreography by Jamiel Laurence!"


#FundFreelanceDance Dancing Times Article

"If we don’t quite succeed in our idea but someone is inspired to do it better, that’s still a win in the long run for the freelance dance community as a whole.” - Read more HERE

Portland Dance Film Festival 2020

LIGHTBOX is a Pick at the Portland Dance Film Festival 2020, in the “Stay at Home Screendance Category”


WINNER “Best Music Video” - Super 9 Mobile Film Festival 2020

MASTER PLAN is the winner of “Best Music Video” at the Super 9 Mobile Film Festival 2020!


“…. the two shorts that I felt conveyed their ideas effectively and with dance as a key ingredient were Anatomy Of A Crooked Spine by Kate Morrison; and Do I Have Free Will? By Jamiel Laurence.” - Graham Watts

Episode 80 of the SBP Podcast, Mobile Filmmaking & Dance

“He wanted to tell a story with his skills in choreography using the tools available to him. Episode 80 of the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking is an in-depth conversation with Jamiel Laurence, awarded Second Prize in the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego.”

John Byrne Award, First Quarter Shortlist

MASTERPLAN has been Shortlisted for the John Byrne Award, for the first quarter of 2020.

“The Six, Shortlisted Entries Below Were Received From February 1st To April 30th 2020, And Combine Exceptional Technical Execution With Compelling And Thought-Provoking Exploration Of Ideas. The Winner Will Be Chosen By Our Inspirational Judging Panel And Announced Shortly.”

SHORTLISTED - John Byrne Award - 2020 (1

Second Winner “Best Short Film” at the International Mobile Film Festival, San Diego

BENCHED is a Winner at the International Mobile Film Festival 2020, San Diego, Sponsored by RED GIANT STUDIOS, Film Convert, Swords & Circuitry, Star Wars Steampunk Universe, Engraving Pros and

WINNER “Best Interaction Between Dance & Camera” 2020 Dare to Dance in Public

MASTER PLAN is a Winner at Dare to Dance in Public 2020 awards.


The Winners interview featured in L.A. Cultural Weekly


FLIGHT, a Mobile Dance Film Directed & Choreographed by Jamiel Laurence and Produced by BBC ARTS has been nominated and shortlisted for the OneDanceUK 2019 “Impact - Dance on Screen” award.

Moondog Labs Featured Article

31st October Feature on the Moondog Labs website - Moondog Labs supply me with my mobile 1:33 Anamorphic Lens, used to capture my work in a cinematic format. Since 2018, they have assisted me with several technical queries and provided me with great advice and guidance on how to best use their equipment. In 2019, They also provided me with financial support towards upgrading my filter setup, and I look forwards to working with them on future projects.


Scottish Ballet’s “Wee Hansel & Gretel” Review

“Scottish Ballet's Wee Hansel and Gretel is a charming, bite-size ballet that will keep children hooked with some clever devices” - The Scotsman

LEFT - Hannah Cubbit Danceing as a “Sweet Treat” in Scottish Ballet’s Production of “Wee Hansel & Gretel”

Scottish Ballet 5 Wishes Campaign

SB Wishes; Soloist Jamiel Laurence choreographed a duet between principal Bethany Kingsley-Garner and soloist Evan Loudon, that was performed alongside the 50-strong Every Voice choir to their rendition of Only You, by British synth-pop band Yazoo.   (Image: Lennox Herald)

Jamiel Laurence’s MASTER PLAN is celebrating the wealth of young talent Scotland has to offer

30/05/19 by WONDERFUL NEWS

FLIGHT – choreographed and filmed on mobile in a single take by Jamiel Laurence

02/05/19 by WONDERFUL NEWS

"YOUNG EDMUND" - Celtic Connections 2019 Review

In a move towards the full David Byrne experience, one of his repertoire of murder ballads was also performed by seven dancers from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, choreographed by Scottish Ballet’s Jamiel Laurence.” - Herald Scotland

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Super 9 Mobile Film

BENCHED has been selected for the 2018/19 Super 9 Mobile Film Festival

The Super 9 Mobile Film Fest is an international film festival dedicated exclusively to the works filmed on smartphones with open competition for the entire international community. The first Portuguese festival of mobile cinema, started in 2014.

Scottish Ballet Soloist & Choreographer Jamiel Laurence new video “CREATOR” – watch now!

29/09/18 by WONDERFUL NEWS

Scottish Ballet Soloist & Choreographer Jamiel Laurence new video “BENCHED” – watch his creations!

03/10/18 by WONDERFUL NEWS

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