"Read-Only Memory"
Rubicon Dance Company 

Choreographed by Jamiel Laurence

Design by Rhiannon Matthews

Composer Sonia Killmann

"In the far future, new technologies may allow us to experience our memories past from a new perspective and projected before us. “Read-Only Memory” explores how a dystopian society might find a use for this technology as a form of punishment – forcing those of us who do not conform into reliving their most painful memories."

Bringing Sci-Fi to the stage, Jamiel Laurence’s new work draws inspiration from the “DUNE” novels by sci-fi author Frank Herbert. The work will features new designs by Rhiannon Matthews and is accompanied by a newly commissioned composition from Scotland-based composer Sonia Killmann.

"Nutcracker Bach" Schools Tour 
Rubicon Dance Company 

Adapted & Choreographed by Jamiel Laurence

Music by Duke Ellington & Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Nutcracker Bach is Rubicon Dance Company’s unique Schools Tour offering, which hit the road in March 2022 and has so far provided performances and workshops to over 700 pupils across 11 primary and secondary schools in Wales.


The highly acclaimed schools experience features our 8 full time company members performing an inspiring 20-minute adapted excerpt of our full-length Welsh based contemporary ballet “The Nutcracker.”          

The experienced team at Rubicon Dance then lead workshops that draw inspiration from scenes of the full-length production, and those taking part in the workshop are encouraged to express their own interpretations what it means to be a Snowflake, A Mari Lwyd and many of our other Christmas Characters. 

These workshops are Bi-lingual and provide an opportunity to meet our touring cast up close before seeing them up on stage in our upcoming Christmas production. 

Special thanks to Arts and Business Cymru Culture Step and The Principality Building Society for funding our initial NutcrackerBach Schools’ tour. This partnership has allowed us to re-connect with schools we haven’t been able to work with for a few years due to the pandemic, and also establish and form new connections with new schools across South Wales. The tour has not only provided school children with an experience to watch a professional dance company perform but also to explore their own creativity and expression as part of a fun workshop that teaches them new skills and also develops their well-being. 

"The Nutcracker"
Rubicon Dance Company 

Choreographed by Jamiel Laurence

Lighting Design by Jamiel Laurence

Costumes by Rhiannon Matthews & Jacob Steed

Set & Props by Jamiel Laurence, Kathryn Williams & Paul Davies

Music by Duke Ellington & Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky


-- Rubicon's unique version of The Nutcracker is set in one of those Welsh family Christmases that we all think we can remember, but perhaps never really happened... We join The Williams Family, who have gathered for Christmas and with the festivities already in full flow. --


"Rubicon Dance Company’s Nutcracker is all about family, personality, and freedom of self-expression. During these challenging times, our brand-new company is grateful to you and your family for making the choice to support your local live dance performance this festive season. 

I became the Creative Director of Rubicon’s latest adventure only 10 weeks prior to these performances, as Kathryn and I set out to create paid opportunities for dancers who had trained for many years in Wales and achieved degrees at further training across the UK. Had we not acted, many of these dancers were already moving on from dance, and this generation of talented artists would have been cast aside as a result of a struggling national dance ecology.


It is not every day that a new company premieres a new full-length contemporary ballet featuring new costumes, set, and props. As a performance medium, Dance can create understanding and communicate across language, borders, and political differences. I hope that you enjoy our performance as much as we have enjoyed every moment of the process that went into producing it, and we hope you will make the decision to join our new family again at our future productions."


Jamiel Laurence

Choreographer & Creative Director

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Choreographed by Jamiel Laurence

Lighting Design by Simon Hayes

Costumes by Nicola Russell

Music by Kiasmos

WORKFORCE Workforce takes inspiration from a packed factory floor setting and the 9 to 5 working conditions that are now being challenged in this era of increasingly autonomously driven decentralised employment. Similarly, the piece brings to the stage those after-hours practices that have also been lost as a result of necessary social distancing laws, curfews and the closing of nightclubs. Created during COVID-Safe Conditions for the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland's 3rd Year Graduates of the BA Modern Ballet Course.

"Wee Hansel & Gretel"
Scottish Ballet

Original Choreography by

Christopher Hampson, CEO & Artistic Director Scottish Ballet

Adapted & Choreographed by Jamiel Laurence

Set & Costume by Gary Harris

Music by Engelbert Humperdink

A wee version of a big ballet...

Join Hansel & Gretel as they go on an adventure deep into the woods… Along the way, you’ll meet a rather beguiling Witch and her mysterious raven, before arriving in an enchanted gingerbread house filled with dancing sweet treats and toys that come to life. 

This specially adapted show is the perfect way for young children (and their grown-ups!) to discover the magic of ballet.

Dancers from Scottish Ballet will feature in this family favorite alongside talented students from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. The performance is set to the music of Engelbert Humperdinck, recorded live by the Scottish Ballet Orchestra

"We Sing, You Dance!"
Scottish Ballet 5 Wishes Campaign

Choreographed by Jamiel Laurence

Set & Costume by Scottish Ballet

Music by Every Voice Choir

In January 2019, we surprised the choir to reveal that their simple wish of ‘We Sing, You Dance’ had been chosen, and we invited them to Scottish Ballet HQ to help us create a unique joint performance. Scottish Ballet Soloist Jamiel Laurence choreographed a beautiful duet between Principal Bethany Kingsley-Garner and Soloist Evan Loudon, which we rehearsed with the 50-strong choir to their rendition of 'Only You' by British synth-pop band Yazoo. After the rehearsal, we gave them a tour of our studios, technical and wardrobe departments before sitting down to a well-deserved cup of tea together.

‘‘It is a powerful thing to unite people through such a celebratory performance. I am so pleased that Scottish Ballet has been able to make Every Voice Community Choir’s wish of singing and dancing together come true.’’

Susan Calman, champion of the third wish

Young Edmund
Celtic Connections 2019

Choreographed by Jamiel Laurence

Costume by Jamiel Laurence

Music by Jarlath Henderson


A dark and twisted celtic tale...

Commissioned by Celtic Connections as part of their 2019 exploration into live dance acts, Young Edmund was performed by 10 dancers live alogside Jarlath Henderson and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra at BBC City Halls, Glasgow

"Whit's Fir Ye!"
The Re-Opening of Dumfries House

Choreographed by Jamiel Laurence

Costume by Hazel Blue

Music by Composers of The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Celebrating Scottish Folk Music, dancing and tradition, "Whit's Fir Ye" was created and performed originally for stage in 2016 and was then shortened and adapted for the Scottish Ballet 2017 Gala event at Cross Basket Castle. The work was also performed in 2019 at Dumfries House for HRH Prince Charles.

"1 to 10"
Edinburgh Fringe 2015 &
Cottiers Dance Festival 2016

Choreographed by Jamiel Laurence

Costume by Guy Salim

Music by Jamiel Laurence

"1 to 10" takes the numbers 1 to 10 and uses them in a variety of contexts, provoking a series of audience reactions. The music for the work is created from these same numbers, spoken and recorded by the dancers, and then mixed down into 10 separate tracks.

"Barbershop Duets"
Cottiers Dance Festival 2016

Choreographed by Jamiel Laurence

Costume by Scottish Ballet

Music by The Freddy Williams Four

Set to a series of Barbershop standards, the 6 dancers explore love, life, and relationships in this classical-based work en pointe.