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08/01/24 - 12/01/24

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This January, join Jamiel Laurence Creation and our team of award-winning international Choreographers, Coaches, Mentors, Filmmakers, Personal Brand Experts, and Health & Well-being practitioners for the unmissable third edition of our class-leading intensive series.


Designed for dancers at all stages of their careers, invest in your professional future and leave our weeklong intensive with new knowledge, connections, ongoing career mentoring, video capture and access to a versatile range of established and emerging choreographic voices making work today.


If your New Year resolution in 2024 is to improve your dance career prospects, this is the intensive for you.




Jamiel Devernay-Laurence Jordan James Bridge PETT|CLAUSEN-KNIGHT Luke Ahmet  Emma Skyum - Mark Baldwin OBE  Katya Bourvis  Constance Devernay-Laurence  Denzil Bailey - Eileih Muir  Equity Dance UK 


Our latest exciting roster offers a cast of creatives that have been carefully curated to place you directly into the daily rhythm of a modern professional dance company, working with today’s active and hiring UK & international choreographers.

Our January 2024 intensive will include:

Company Class - Bespoke Studio Coaching - Choreographic Workshops - Yoga Q&A’s with our Guest Artists 1-to-1 Check-in - CV Clinic - Showreel check-ups - Showreel Content Capture & Edit 

+ Studio Time & Space at London's biggest dance-equipped Studio Theatres +


… And anything else our team can do to support you in achieving those opportunities you are applying for.


Working with Choreographer & Filmmaker Jamiel Laurence, take the stage and use your own 1-to-1 showreel capture slot to get that vital showreel material featuring the choreography you’ve experienced with us, or capture one of your own creations entirely using Laurence’s award-winning capture style.

Take part in a week at the JLC Production House, working with the team of collaborators delivering the new brand's events on stage, and off.


Experience the exciting new voice of Emma Skyum – fresh from her UK debut creation as part of Dance West 2023, featuring dancers selected from our April Intensive earlier this year.


Let Jordan James Bridge guide you through his renowned exploration of an intrinsic movement language, nuances of interconnectivity, sensuality, and queer culture which drives his creative process, absorbing from his own experiences and leaning in with an abstract approach to both movement and stylistic decisions which fundamentally ground the work.




Leave our intensive with your application packet stronger, a set of new showreel assets, a functional CV, unique captures from named choreographers, access to new and emerging choreographic styles, a new network, and vital time with those movers and shakers making it happen today.


Sarah Hirsch, Odyl Creations

"The Jamiel Laurence Creation intensive is the most effective and fulfilling of workshops I have ever done surrounded by such highly accomplished and generous artists."

Manon Servage, Participant

"A week full of challenges, knowledge and discoveries within a safe space with inspiring souls."

Daisy Gilder, Participant

“I have never attended a more enjoyable intensive, nor walked away with such a wealth of information. I am feeling ignited and freshly motivated at the start of this new year.' ”
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