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Andrew Ashton
Co-Producer & Fundraising



As newly appointed Co-Producer in charge of Fundraising for Jamiel Laurence Creation, Andrew brings his experience of working with class-leading production companies such as New Adventures to the table. Andrew will play a key role in the formation of the JLC production house, creating new and exciting dance experiences for audiences of all ages and backgrounds across stage, screen and events. Andrew also brings the unique skills required to help JLC become an industry leader in sustainability.
Alongside fundraising the priorities that Andrew will focus on working together with Jamiel Devernay-Laurence are:

. The creation of a health and well-being programme for freelance dancers engaged by JLC

. Introducing a new generation into socially and economically accessible contemporary dance through educational programmes

. Building on the high standard of fair-pay and working standards established via the #FundFreelanceDance Initiative

- achieving the ultimate goal of becoming a commercially viable and financially self-sustaining dance production house.
As environmental manager of New Adventures and lead of the Green Adventures initiative Andrew led the company to become a leading organisation in Theatre Industry sustainability. He formed a strong connection with the Theatre Green Book to which he contributed his groundbreaking Green Rider model. The model is now beginning to be used through the touring industry to set a new universal standard for engagement between touring companies and their respective regional venues. They have also continued to receive a 4-star rating from Julie’s Bicycle as an ACE NPO and were the very first touring company to receive such a rating. With Andrew on board, Jamiel Laurence Creation will be built with these award-winning policies as a base.
Andrew began his career as a dancer with Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures before receiving funding to train as a Practitioner member of the Institute of Environmental Managers and Assessors. He continues to work as a freelance dancer most recently featuring in Netflix’s Bridgerton. Already developing the policy book for Jamiel Laurence Creation alongside its founder, Jamiel Devernay-Laurence, Andrew will continue to develop the new dance ecology at JLC, building on the success of initiatives including #FundFreelanceDance, BALLET NIGHTS and the new IGNITION PLATFORM.

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